Saturday, September 18, 2010


I made Upma for breakast a few days ago. It is a simple dish made of semolina flour (tepung suji or Rava as it is known in Tamil). I love to take mine with loads of is just heaven against the smell of ghee...


1 cup of semolina flour (fry slightly without oil)
3-4 tsbs of ghee
2 cups of water
1 onions sliced finely
1 green chillies or 1 dry chillies - break into pieces.
1 tsp of mustard seeds
a few sprigs of curry leaves
salt to taste


Heat ghee, once melt, add in mustard seed. Once it starts to splutter, add in onions, chillies, curry leaves. Fry till the onions are soft.

Add in water and let it boil. Add salt to taste. Once the water is boiling add in the flour and stir well till the flour is mix well with the water. Cook for a few more minutes stirring occasionaly.

Serve hot.

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