Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Steamed Chocolate Cake

I found this recipe from Izah's blog. was tempted to try and so the baking starts (or actually the steaming of the cake).  Steaming is a processed where bowl/pan filled with water is boiled to a point of steaming oozing out.  Normally steaming for cakes takes approximately an hour to 2 hours, there are instances where they are steamed for 4 hours...

Tips when steaming, when you need to add more water to your steaming pot, use only hot water....cold water slows down the whole process as the cold water reduces the heat of the existing water, thereby taking time to heat and thus the steaming process is not effective..

When pouring into lined pan, make sure it is about half of the pan.

Cover with aluminium foil to avoid water droplets onto the cake mixture...

Steamed Chocolate Cake
source : http://www.izahdaut.blogspot.com/

What you need:
2 eggs
1 cup oil ( I used sunflower oil)
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup sugar
(A)  1 tsp vanilla essence
      1 1/2 cup of coklat milk
      1/2 cup of water + 2tsp of nescafe
(B)  2 tsp sodium bicarbonate
      1 tsp of baking powder
      1/2 cup of cocoa
      2 cups of flour
(Topping)  1/2 cup cocoa
               1/2 cup condensed milk
               1 tbs oil

How to do:
  1. Whisk egg till fluffy.  Add sugar and whisk further.
  2. Add oil and stir well.
  3. Mix all ingredients of (A).  Sieve (B).
  4. Add gradually alternating with A into egg mixture.
  5. Pour into lined pan and steam for an hour or so or till the cake is done.  You may also bake them at 170C for an hour.
Topping : Whisk together ina  pan on slow fire till the mixtures turns shiny/glossy.  Glaze over the cake when cool.


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