Friday, April 3, 2015

Quick and Simple Bake Salmon

A recipe shared by my niece, Mirosha from US. I tried this version of marination for our dinner a few days ago.  I could not find any chipotle powder so I substituted with paprika powder.  I love the use of paprika powder for marinating sea foods and meats. 

For side dish I had some carrots, potatoes, capsicums and broccoli.  My potatoes was slightly under-cooked, should have boiled and let it bake together with the other veges.

Ingredients required

3 cuts of salmon
Orange Juice from 2 oranges
Teriyaki Sauce enough to glaze the salmon
Chipotle pepper powder - enough to cover the salmons.

Vegetables of your choice for side dish.
  • Thaw salmon, squeeze orange juice on it and let it sit for about half hour.
  • Glaze it with teriyaki sauce
  • sprinkle with chipotle pepper powde as per need
  • bake skin side down for 30 mins on 180C
  • broil on hi 5mins before removing and serve hot.



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