Friday, September 27, 2013

Chinese Feast for Dinner - Chilli Paste Steam Fish, Mix Vegetable & Prawns with Hoisin Sauce

Yesterday we had a Chinese feast not so much of actual preparation ,Red Snapper Chilli Paste Steam Fish, Stir Fry Mix Vegetable (Click Here) and Prawns with Hoisin Sauce (Click Here)

The ready made sauce that I used for the fish was a product from Mas Food. It is called Kam Heong Chilli All Purpose Paste.  It is made of blended red chilli with dried shrimps, shallots, garlic and lemon grass.   I guess I should try the same when I am done with my supply.

I used red snapper, it was about 800gm.  You can also use sea bass, tilapia

Chilli Paste Steam Fish

What you need
1 mid size fish
1 tbs ginger garlic paste
1 tbs of sesame oil
1 packet of Kam Heong Chilli All Purpose Paste
3- 4 birds eye chilli
1-2sprig of curry leaves
1 tsp of soya sauce
2 tbs of milk

How to prepare

1.  Prepare your steamer.   If you do not have one, you can actually setup a deep pan/wok, fill in with water, a small stand that can hold your bowl of fish and a cover enough to cover the wok.

2.  Prepare the fish by cleaning, make a cut over the fish on both side, marinate the fish with sesame oil and with ginger garlic paste.

2.  In a different wok, heat oil, add in the paste, stir fry on slow fire for a few minutes, then add in chill and curry leaves, keep stirring till you get nice aroma from the chilli paste.

3.  Finally add in soya sauce and milk, stir for few more minutes and add in to steamed fish and allowed to be steamed for another 5 minutes.

Serve immediately.

Marinated with sesame oil, salt and ginger garlic paste in a wok steamer

MasFood Kam Heong Chilli All Purpose Paste

The final product - Red Snapper Chilli Paste

Our dinner complete with rice, vegetable, fish and prawns

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