Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drum Stick Leaves Omelette

Anyone fancy drumstick leaves omelette.  Drumstick leaves or murugai keerai in tamil is a nutritious vegetable.  You can stir fry make, cooked with some dhall or even omelette.

Drumstick fruit itself you can make curry with chicken, mutton, egg curry, or dalca or simple vegetarian curry.  You can stir fry with some masala, make rasam out of its pulp (click here)

This tree grows so well here in the middle east, atleast in Qatar.  You can find everyone with land to plant will have it grown.  

Drumstick leaves

Drumstick leaves omelet


Eggs whisked with salt
sliced onions
chilly - sliced thinly
a handful of drumstick leaves


Heat pan with some oil

Saute onion with chilly till soft

Add in the leaves and stir well with onions.  Try to separate the leaves so as not to get them lump in one area.

Carefully pour in the eggs mixture, cook on medium heat, cooking the bottom and carefully turn over the omelet and cook for a few more minutes till nice brown.


** Sathiarani **

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