Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sukanya Amma's Potato Fry

Sukanya, one of my neighbour in my housing compound brought this for our mini pot luck gathering.  I definitely enjoyed it very much.   It has a crispy like taste and definitely easy to make.  Of course what next - definitely you get to share her recipe with me.

Try them and see if you enjoy them as much as I did.  My daughter made this as well and she too find it easy and nice.  Good combo with rasam, sambar or the like.

Sukanya Amma's Potato Fry
Source - Sukanya

3-4 potato
1tsp of turmeric powder
3tbs curry powder - I used Kashmir curry powder
2-3 of vegetable oil


Quarter the potatoes and slice it - not too thin or too thick
Marinate with turmeric and curry powder for a few minutes.
Heat oil in a heavy pan/wok
Once the oil is hot, add it the potatoes and coat will with oil.
Let it cook on slow fire.
Keep stirring the potatoes so that does not stick to the pan.
Ready when the potatoes are cook.



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