Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sambal Pecel

I was tagged by my friend Baya over FB with this Sambal Pecel, I was practically drooling when watching the YouTube...So here comes my Sambal Pecel from the Kitchen of Al Khor, Doha.

What you need
2 tomatoes - quartered
3-4 birds eyes chillies - chopped
4 -5 shallots - sliced
some palm sugar
shrimp paste

How to do

  • heat oil in a wok/pan
  • saute shallots till soft, add in chillies and tomatoes, saute further till tomatoes are soft.
  • season the tomatoes with shrimp paste, salt and palm sugar.
  • remove from fire and use pestle and mortar to give a good whizz.(I used the food processor for a quick version
Sambal Pecel is now ready...I definitely had a good time eating this spicy sambal...

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