Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BBQ Chicken Wings

The weather is so good that a few of us decided to have BBQ. I prepared the chicken with a recipe that was posted by my friend Baya.  It is a simple marination and yet so good.  The aroma is so good even while preparing for the marination.  She had done with lamb as usual there is no takers for lamb hence the chicken.

My friends prepared some 2 different types of fish for bbq,which we ended baking over over to save time, some prawns and squids indonesian style, some bruschetta and indonesian style fruit salad...look

Picture not so clear...(R to L) fish grill, prawns, chicken, bbq, sambal to go for the fish, mashed potato and tuna, french fries, bruschetta and squids..yumm.. yumm...
Lets look at how to prepare chicken wings.
some burnt parts though - nevertheless it was good.

Lets look at the recipe.  The portion mentioned is good enough for about 5kg lamb chops.  You may adjust the marination accordingly.

What you need
3 onions **
6 cloves of garlic**
2 inch ginger **
1½tbs fennel**
1½tbs cumin seeds**
Blend the above marked ** and mix the following:
1Tbs turmeric powder 
1Tsp white pepper powder
4Tbs Mustard (optional) ditukar dengan 1 1/2 sudu besar ketumbar yg telah dikisar halus).
1Cup Yogurt.
1Cup Hot and spicy barbeque sauce(add another ½cup if you want more)
3 Tbs Oyster sauce.
3 Tbs Mayonaise
1Tsp sugar
1 tsp salt (add 1/4tsp more if you want saltier taste)
Mix all above well, taste if it fits your taste bud. adjust accordingly.
For lambchop marinate about 4hrs and then bbq/grill.
Note : the above mentioned is an estimate by the original chef...I adjusted to suit my taste basically with all the ingredients.

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santha said...

the receipe is fr hw many chicken wings


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