Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer holiday and marathon of dishes..

In a few days we will be leaving to Malaysia for summer break...along awaited ones, just to escape the extreme hot over in Qatar..It is time for more food, food and food...

That also means clearing up necessary stock from the fridge and pantry... So after school and a quick lunch, scout around what can be done - saw some bananas that was intended for fritters, but then it found another use.  Lets make cake - I decided to make 2 types the usual one and another one without eggs - in other words vegetarian.

A quick tour and I found 2 recipes, an eggless one with atta flour (whole wheat flour), emm fancy that, at http://sunitabhuyan.com/  and the other one at http://masak-masak.blogspot.com/.  Will feed back on the outcome of the cakes.

Next need to figure out something for dinner. I had earlier soaked whole wheat for making of a porridge made by my Sri Lankan colleague from school.   Looking around for more information I found the recipe is also well know among the Qataris.  It reminds me of a popular dish available mostly during Ramadhan - Bubur Lambuk.    We will dwell on this later.

Another recipe which I tried was a dish very common among the Iranians-  Kashk-e Bademjan ie Persian Eggplant with Whey Dip.  Again this dish was shared by my colleague from Iran - it was fantastic and I immediately fell in love with it.

Recipes will be followed. 

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