Saturday, November 5, 2011

With Love from Mr Hubby - Cabbage Aloo Subzi

My dear husband is on his 13days shift vacation and how did he spent his time while waiting for his wife and kids to come back after school.... he got himself to do some cooking.  

He has always been a great helper in the kitchen, helping to peel onions, garlic, ginger, cutting vegetables but him cooking was something very new.

Going through the fridge and found himself a medium size cabbage, surf the net for a nice subzi and found an aloo gobi recipe...but then he has cut the whole lot of the cabbage - so he change the pool gobi (Cauliflower) to patta gobi (cabbage).

He printed the recipe (have no idea which site he got it from...) got all the ingredients laid out and went into action and voila we had a big bowl of aloo gobi (and I thought it will last me for days).

Thumbs up for my dear husband for making our lunch a fantastic one...looking forward to seeing more of you in action in the kitchen....

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