Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chocolate Treasure

Another of my has two steps, first with the base and then the topping..a little work but worth the effort.

I have this cookies a few time and this time I decided to make a little by adding rice bubbles and instead of drizzling with cooking chocolate I sprinkle with hundreds and thousands. 

Chocolate Treasure

Mama Zieza @

For base

250gm butter
25 g milk powder
65 gm castor sugar
250 gm flour
65 gm corn flour
50 gm cocoa powder

For topping
2 cup of cornflakes
500 gm white chocolate
50 gm almond nibs.
50 gm golden raisins/blackcurrants/ kismis
cooking chocolate for drizzle


1.     Beat butter and sugar till mix well, add the rest of the dry ingredients, mix well and make balls and place in paper cup and press lightly.  Bake and let it cool.

2.  For the topping - melt white chocolate double boiler (its best to do it in small batches), once melted add the cornflakes, almond nibs and golden raisins.

3.  Mix well till all are well coated - ensure that not many cornflakes as it will not stick.

4.  Lined the baked cookies on a tray, scoop out the topping and cover the base. 

5.  Melt cooking chocolote and pour into piping bag and drizzle on the topping.  Let it dry and store them.

p/s - well received by the kids as they look inviting with colours.

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