Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicken Varuval (Dry Masala Chicken)

there are many ways of doing this chicken varuval... some fry the chicken before hand, some steam and then lightly fry. and this is how my mum - Madam Rajeswary, does her chicken varuval...

Chicken Varuval Amma's Way...

1 whole chicken - remove skin, cut into small bite size
4 tbs of ginger garlic paste
2 tomatoes - quatered
10 dry chilies - break into small pieces (can add more if prefer spicy)
2 whole onions - chopped finley
2 sprig curry leaves
*3 tsp of fennel seeds
*1 tsp of cumin seeds
*2 cardamons,
*2 aniseed
*3 cloves
*2 cinammon
2 tbs of red chilly powder
1 tsp of tumeric powder
3 clove of garlic - pound lightly
1 tsp of black pepper - grind coarsely
salt to taste
coriander leaves to garnish


Mix well ginger/garlic paste and tumeric powder to the chicken pieces.
In a wok heat a little oil, once hot, add in chicken and tomatoes and mix well, cover and cook till done.
Do not add water to the chicken as the chicken will release water when its covered. Make sure to stir to avoid being burnt.
Once the chicken is well cooked and with little water, add curry powder and salt to taste, stir well. Reduce fire.
In a different work, heat oil, once hot, saute all those marked (*), fry till aromatic and starts to crack. Add in onions, dry chillies and curry leaves,fry the onions are soft, add this to the chicken mixture and mix well. Cook further till it is well coated and dry.
Add in the coarse pepper and garlic just and serve...

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