Friday, July 16, 2010

Instant Rasam

this rasam or Indian soup is a quickie. The spices in a rasam is said to aid digestion after a heavy meal....

1/2 cup of cooked toor dhall
a lemon size of tamarind - soaked with hot water -
2 tomatoes - chopped fine
1 onions - sliced
a few garlics - pound coarsely
1tsp mustard seeds
1tsp urad dhall
3tbs of Rasam powder
1tsp of Sambar powder
2-3 dried chillies - cut small
1tsp asofoetida powder (hing)
salt to taste
curry leaves - s few sprigs
coriander leaves - a few sprigs


heat oil, once hot add hing and let dissolve.
add in mustard seeds, urad dhall and let it splutter, then add garlic, onions and curry leaves and fry for a few minutes.
add the chopped tomatoes and cooked till the tomatoes are soft.
pour in the tamarind juice and cooked it for a few minutes.
Add in the cooked dhall and let it cooked up to 1 boil .
Remove from heat and sprinkle some coarsely chopped coriander leaves.
Best eaten with hot steaming rice or out of a cup.

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