Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dosa (Thosei)

Dosa @ Indian Crepes...

my mum's Dosa for her granddaughter...dosa with ghee(clarified butter) and sugar.. nice eaten when it is still hot

1 cup urad dhall
2 cups of raw rice
2 tbs of cooked rice
a little fenugreek
salt to taste


1. wash the dhall and rice and soak overnight (6-8hours)with fenugreek and cooked rice
2. Grind them into fine mixture and salt to taste.
3. Leave it to ferment for several hours.
4. Heat tawa (round griddle)- once its hot, spread a spoon of the batter onn the tawa.
5. Cover for a few minutes. Spread a 1-2tsp of ghee and sprinkle some sugar over the batter and cook for a few more minutes till it is crispy.
6. Fold into 2 and serve hot with chutney or curry/sambar.

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