Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicken Rendang

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Rendang is one of the favourites of Malaysians.  Usually served at wedding receptions and during Eid celebrations.  You can use chicken, mutton/lamb or beef to make your rendang.  It is normally cook dry or semi dry.  I cooked mine the in between version - not so dry not so curryish..

Traditionally the meat is cooked with roasted coconut that is pounded - it is called kerisik. Like so many others food stuff, kerisiks are available ready made.  But nothing compared to making your very own kerisik

My turmeric leaf - daun kunyit came all the way from Malaysia courtesy of a good friend.  This is one of the main ingredient that makes the added punch in a rendang.  I wrapped them up with aluminium wrapper and store them in freezer.

Now lets look on how to make Chicken Rendang.

1 whole chicken - cut into bite size
1 cup of thick coconut milk
1 cup of thin coconut milk
4-6 tbs of red chilli paste -depending on our spicy you want it to be.
200gms of shallots-sliced
1 turmeric leaves- sliced finely
6tbs of kerisik (more if you like the taste of coconut.)

Chilli Paste
15-20pieces of dried chillies- cut
a handful of shallots
4-5 cloves of garlic
thumb size of ginger
thumb size of galangal
3-4 of lemon grass-chopped
half of thumb size of turmeric
Blend all of above

- heat oil in a wok/pan
- once heat add in chilli paste and cook till fragrant and oil separates
- Keep stirring occasionally so as not to burn the paste
- Add in sliced shallots and saute further till soft.
- Add in chicken with coconut milk - both thick and thin milk and cook on medium fire.
- Stir occassionally and cook till the chickens are cooked and to a desired consistency ( I prefer mine semi gravy.
- Season with salt, add in turmeric leave and kerisik and stir so as to mix well and let it simmer for another 10mins.
- Ready to serve

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