Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spinach Stir Fry

I was out at the supermarket for groceries (I got myself some kingfish which I made fish curry with young green mango) and found this bunch of spinach so green and so inviting.  There were young bunch of spinach - very tender.

a bunch of spinach
a few garlic
onions - sliced
a few pieces of anchovies or dried shrimps- if you like


- wash throughly spinach
- drain completely
- slice onion
- pound ginger garlic (including the anchovies or dried shrimps if using)
- heat oil
- once hot add in ginger garlic past. fry for a few minutes
- add in slice onions too fry till soft
- add salt to taste.
- add in the spinach, stir ensuring the spices are mix well with spinach
- cook for a few more minutes till it is just cook - do not over cook though.
- Ready to serve.
Spinach - before


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