Monday, November 24, 2014

Fried Instant Noodles

It is getting into winter.  The chillness tend to make you munch something all the time.   You seem to be looking something spicy.  This is what happened to my hubby, keeping asking is there something that he can have for his tea time.  Normally I had a quick one with egg and bread - but he was looking for something different hence, I decided to make fried noodles with instant noodles.

Quick and easy to prepare.  I used Maggi brand that was brought all the way from Malaysia.


3 packets of instant noodles - cooked as you would and drain
*3-5 red chilli - deseeded
*2-3 shallots
*1-3 clove of garlic
*2tbs - anchovies or dried shrimps
vegetables of your choice - carrots/cabbage- shredded
spring onion - if you wish, not in stock so did not put in
salt to taste
soy sauce
2 eggs

* - blend into fine paste


1.  Heat oil in a wok
2.  Whisk egg lightly
3.  Cook in wok, scrambled it big pieces
4.  push aside the scrambled egg, with the remaining oil, saute the grinded paste, till aromatic.
5.   Add in vegetables and cooked till soft
6.  Add in noodles, salt, soy sauce mix it well .
7.  Ready to serve

you can opt out anchovies or dried shrimps

Try them spicy on a cool evening with a hot lemon tea...Heaven



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